Rusch Offshore Hose exchange

For a client we obtained the order for an exchange of the hydraulic hoses of the Seatrax crane on a platform.

Based on the site visit the Rusch Offshore Supervisor prepared the Offshore certified Hose container. The Rusch Hose container is prepared with all the required equipment to make complete hose exchange  quick and simple.

To have all the required equipment to cut, couplings press, pressure unit for testing & certification of the hoses and to clean the hoses.   Rusch also provides a Offshore Certified Team specialized in hose exchanges for offshore cranes. The knowledge of  cranes  and using the applicable procedures after the hose exchange  is needed  to avoid problems and safety issues  after the start up. Normally we work with a team  1 supervisor and 2 mechanics. If required we can arrange a larger team to minimize downtime.