5 Year maintenance project for an Offshore crane

De Rusch Offshore Services gained the order for the 5 yearly maintenance project for an Offshore crane on board of Offshore Salvage & Rescue vessel.

The time window at the end of last year was a significant challenge for our Offshore Services Team to carry out the maintenance and repair for  the Hitachi CX500 at the of our client.

After the  inspection by our API certified Offshore Crane Inspectors we provided our  the customer with quotation and an open  calculation for the repairs and maintenance needed for save and reliable usage of the crane for the coming years. Our work preparation worked in close cooperation  with our customer for the work to be done.  The main challenge was to organize the needed spares parts for the crane within a short time window . 

During the project the team of crane mechanics worked  12hrs per day and board and lodging was arranged by our customer on board of the Vessel.

The hoisting cables of the crane were replaced and the hoisting block of the crane is inspected and certified at the premises at Rusch in Medemblik. The department Rusch Inspections is EKH certified for the inspection of lifting equipment.  Our Offshore Certified Hydraulic Hose container was used for the production and testing and certification  of the new hydraulic hoses .